Quick Thoughts About Culture & Leadership

Here are a few thoughts that I think every leader needs to pay close attention to. These are things that make the difference in seeing GREATER THINGS happen in your ministry, organization and life! These are things that can make or break your vision. So take a few minutes and consider each of these ideas. 

1. Whatever is developed behind closed doors is what will define you moving forward! So be very aware of what happens with your team when no one else is around! Ultimately you will reproduce who and what you are. 

2. DO NOT let a seed of bitterness rise up & grow...It will destroy you, your vision and your team. It is the unspoken expectations, ideas and problems that will hurt you. Don't let issues go unaddressed or you will have HUGE problems on your hands. Be bold, endure the pain and handle problems when they show up!

3. NO ONE is ever won to the GOSPEL based on your preferences! You preferences don't really impact the world. They only make your comfortable and complacent. And that is a deadly combination! So take an inventory often of how and what you do....Is it about you or the Gospel?

4. You commitment to the vision will be measured mostly by your willingness to endure personal pain! Following a vision requires sacrifice, hard work and patience. All of those things will require we step out of our comfort zone. And, many time, there is pain in the process. But If I am committed I will stick it out. 

Take sometime today....challenge yourself and your team. Building a healthy team is hard work. But, I know you can do it.