Carrying Vision

We are all carrying vision. As leader we carry it, share it & even defend it. As a pastor I feel responsible for the vision God has given me. One of my friends, and mentors, taught me something that is valuable when it comes to carrying vision, and I want to share it with you!

We carry vision in 1 of 3 ways:

We Dilute It. This means we carry a little bit of the vision, especially the parts we like. But we are not 100% committed and so a large portion of the vision is never actually carried with us. When this happens we are watering down the vision. We may not be trying to add or subtract, and our intention is not to hurt the vision. But, we are not helping because we aren't carrying the full vision, and people never really understand it. This is damaging to the vision and the way people see it. 

We Pollute It! This happens when we purposefully choose to carry the parts of the vision we like and then we discard the portion of the vision we don't like. In place of the discarded portions, we add our ideas, our preferences and our rules. The results is a polluted vision. It is no longer the vision that was shared with us, but a vision we have created. This is a dangerous way of carrying the vision. Why? Because it challenges leadership, shows no honor and creates division. 

We Promote It. This means we accept the vision and decide to go "all in" to support the vision. We promote the vision when we follow it, share it and work hard to see it happen. We promote the vision when people see our actions and decisions supporting the ideas of the vision. This creates unity and momentum. This is the healthiest thing we can do for a God-given vision!

Take a few minutes today and consider which of these three describes how you carry the vision. It is also a good measure for your team, and a great way to challenge them. Never stop protecting, defending and promoting your vision!