Uncommon Updates

So I figured it is time to update you guys on Uncommon Church.....

Things are going REALLY well. I am so STOKED about what God is doing. God is building the house...not me or my team. And, that is a great thing. It can be frustrating, but there is no doubt God is at work and we cannot take the credit. 

Honestly, it has been a slower start than I imagined. But, after all, we are only 7 weeks old now and this Sunday we saw 4 times as many people as we did at launch! I remember a few weeks ago we had what I call the "plateau week". It's the week where we assumed there would be no growth or change. We were 5 weeks in, and we had all had a tough and long week. I prayed with our team after setup and in my prayer I said, "God if it's just one new person, we will celebrate". I was thinking, God please let at least one person new show up!!! (Every church planter knows this feeling!) That week we saw more new people than ever....But it was 100% God. We had done nothing. It's these moments when we see God at work. 

This past Sunday we had the honor of hosting Brian "Head" Welch. Brian is a former member of the band KORN. Brian is a LEGIT rockstar. He has one a grammy and toured with the biggest artist in the world. And, we had the chance to host him, and hear his story of meeting Jesus and seeing his life change. I can tell you that after spending time with Brian this weekend...He truly love Jesus. He is a GREAT man with a heart to match. Thanks Brian for coming and being part of Uncommon! We will see you again soon bro.

We are seeing growth every week....and the next few weeks are going to simply get better! We have seen 7 people discover life in Jesus! We have baptized as well. I know greater things are just ahead. God has given me a great passion and vision for our city. I actually have this fear that I have cast a vision far too small. As a leader I should be casting a vision that far exceeds my lifetime, finding the next generation and preparing them to carry that vision forward! We are going to do that at Uncommon Church.

Planting has not come without a cost. In the recent weeks I have had to take a step I never imagined. I am now a Bi-Vocational Pastor. Due to financial reason I have a semi-full time job. I returned to an industry that I have been in for over 12 years now....jewelry. It is a great fit, and God prepared this Job for me far in advance. While it has added some extra work, time and strain....God has provided and I am thankful! I am willing to do whatever it takes to reach people and plant this church for sure!

Thanks to all of you who are part of Uncommon. Thanks to a great team who makes this thing possible. Thanks to those who have given generously to the vision. Thanks for those who constantly pray with us and for us. Thanks to a wife who loves me, believes in me and pushes me daily to be the best I can be.