What I'm Thankful for....

I thought it would be appropriate today to share the things I am thankful for.... 

1. I am thankful for my bride. 10 years ago I married the most amazing woman in the world. I married way above my means. Allison is a Godly woman. She is a bold leader. She is an amazing mom. She is a great friend. She is very wise and smart beyond words. And....She is absolutely beautiful both inside and out. I am truly a lucky man! Thank you Allison for loving me and being my bride.

2. I am thankful for my kiddos. I have some AMAZING kids. They are all unique and incredible. Evan is a brilliant little dude. He is a natural born leader. Noah is a resilient and tough little man. He is a fighter in every sense of the word! Kaia is a compassionate and loving little lady. She is going to be an influencer of many one of these days. And, soon we will have Karis home form Haiti. No doubt my kids are going to be world changers. I truly believe that God gave me powerful kids, with powerful gifts and powerful callings. I believe in my kids!

3. I am thankful for my amazing family. My mom & dad are incredible. They taught me to love Jesus, love people and lead with boldness. They taught me to love people regardless of who they are and where they've been. They taught me to stand on conviction and live with resolve. I stand behind a legacy of great leaders in my parents. My 3 brothers and sister are incredible. They are four of the most talented people on the planet. I am proud to be their big brother. My grandparents are Godly and amazing. They demonstrate selfless love of others and passion for Jesus. My grandparents love of Jesus is infectious and amazing. Thank you God for an amazing family.

4. I am thankful for great friends. I have some of the best friends on the planet. They stand beside me no matter what happens. They love me in spite of my failures and weaknesses. They encourage me and support me. They make me laugh and stand with me through pain. I am blessed beyond words.

5. I am thankful for an amazing church. Uncommon Church is truly a gift from God. I love being part of seeing God change lives. It is an honor to be part of what God is doing in Austin, TX. I have to pinch myself often and be sure it's not just a dream. God has been good to entrust such a precious gift to me. Thank you Jesus for choosing to use a broken, messy and unqualified man like me.

What are you thankful for today?????