Impact Haiti Christmas Challenge

So I have a great opportunity for you to get involved in making a HUGE impact in Haiti with me this year. My good friends Danny & Leann Pye, who founded and run Kenbe Fem, are working to raise money to buy the kids at their Children's Home gifts for Christmas. With the economy struggling this year, and cost of operations rising in Haiti..... This year Kenbe Fem needs your help to provide Christmas for their kids. 

I would ask you to take the Impact Haiti Christmas Challenge.... Consider buying Christmas for one of the Kenbe Fem kids. It will cost about $70 per kids to provide a great Christmas this year. You can give all of that amount, more, or just a little! My family is choosing to take part and my kids are willing to give up one gift each to help Impact Haiti this year. Will you?

We've made giving easy for you.....simply CLICK HERE 

(You can also mail checks to Impact Haiti 6500 Champion Grandview Way #15102 Austin, TX 78750)

Danny & Leann have given their lives to loving these kids and caring for them. They have been the parents to these kids now, most of them, for over 10 years! This year for Christmas Danny & Leann will be using your donations to buy new school/church clothes, new school supplies and something fun for each of the kids at their Children's Home. You can read about each of the kids below....We would also ask that you take time to pray for each of them!

Berline – age 22 Berline is the oldest girl in the orphanage.  She is in her last year of high school.  She loves to worship God and sing in church.

Blanca – age 21 Blanca loves to stand out.  She is confident in who God made her!

Chachoue – age 17 Chachoue loves to hang out with her friends.

Diane – age 15 Diane loves to dance.  No matter the beat she always puts her heart into the rhythm.

Elinda – age 14 Elinda is our spunky-no-nonsense girl.  She is born leader.

Loudrige – age 20 Loves to make jewelry that she gives away to friends & family.

Lovely – age 18 Lovely loves to worship God through singing and dancing.

Magdaline – age 18 Magdaline loves to help the younger kids with their homework.

Tina – age 14 Tina loves to help with children’s church on Sunday.

Vania – age 11 Vania loves to play with dolls and pretend to cook for them.

Evens – age 20 Evens is a great artist that loves to sketch and paint.

Mackendy – age 20 Mackendy loves to play his guitar during our worship time.  He is in his last year of high school.

Mackenson – age 20 Mackenson loves to help out whenever and where ever needed.

Patrick – age 22 Patrick is our resident musician.  He plays drums, guitar, and is learning piano.

Nesly – age21 Nesly is always running errands for the orphanage whenever we need him.

Nerry – age 19 Nerry is a quiet young man that loves to watch people.

Omega – age 20 Omega loves to practice his English and Spanish with teams.

Rico – age 20 Rico loves, loves, LOVES  soccer.

Woody – age 18 Woody loves to build things with his hands.

Ricardo – age 15 Ricardo loves to make things with extra wood.  

Toto – age 16 Toto loves to climb, jump around, and do flips at the beac

Dave – age 3 Dave is the sunshine. He is always there to greet you with a smile.

Djovandy – age 1 Djovandy loves to chill and hang out.

Francois – age 15 Francois is our newest addition to the orphanage this year.