2 Enemies of Every Leader

We have 2 enemies as Leaders. 

A Spiritual Enemy.....Satan is our primary enemy. He is looking for ways to distract us, derail us and cause us to quit. The Bible cautions us to understand this reality and BE AWARE! Never underestimate the power of Satan to derail you as a leader.

Yourself.... You do not get hurt more by anyone than yourself. We leaders are the biggest roadblocks we face. We allow our preferences, comfort levels and thresholds of pain to get in the way. We let the things we have experienced in life get in the way of our calling! Don’t let your past define you, let God define you. Allow God to heal your bitterness & unforgiveness. That is the only way you can overcome this enemy of your leadership. 

In both cases, with both enemies, the greatest defense we have is the presence of God!

When the presence of God shows up, you will feel small....and the small still voice of God will become the greatest reality in your life. 

Psalm 105:4 says Seek God & His presence continually. As a leader it's ALL you have that you can count on... So give it a try and see how it affects the enemies of your leadership!