Here are a few thoughts I have on the concept of reaching messy and broken people. So often people, pastors and churches talk about the idea of reaching lost people, of seeing messy people find hope and seeing broken lives changed. But, there are a few things we MUST understand if we truly want to see that happen. 

First, we must realize that our ability to see God deliver our city and it’s people from their sin is solely based on our willingness to be set free from our own sins. Often we like to hold onto our “pet sins”, the things we don;t think are too bad, all the while expecting others to give all of theirs ups easily. If God is going to do something great through you, He must first do something great in you!

Second, we cannot say we are willing to reach messy broken people, unless we are willing to confront the messy broken parts of our lives. We can never make an approach to people who need Jesus most unless we understand and see our great need for Jesus too! Otherwise...people become a mission, or project, and not those we love. That approach never yields results. But, when we understand out great need for Jesus, we long to share that with others. That will change lives. 

Finally, we must see Jesus like the Prodigal Father, from the parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15. We must understand that even though we are ALL messy, when God sees us coming He has compassion on us! He is there waiting to welcome us home. After all, He gave his life for us. So, recognize that He sees us all this way...and we can begin to see other this way as well.