Pastors and Leaders, let’s talk about the idea of Honor for a few minutes. For the last few years this has been a big subject in the church, especially among the leaders. I think it is a concept that we truly do not understand or grasp well. So, I want to share some things that I have learned from some great leaders and mentors in my life. 

We need to understand first that Honor is not the same as respect. Honor is freely given, respect is earned. That means that honor is based on my actions, respect is based on others actions. Since that is the case....Honor becomes a powerful currency in the Church and in God’s Kingdom. Why? Because Jesus modeled Honor in all that He did for us!

We need to have a 360 degree view of honor. So often it is seen as a vertical idea....that we honor those above us. It is crucial that we honor those above us, below us and beside us! Otherwise...we are really jus demonstrating respect for position!

Honor, is however, based solely on position. But, I’m not talking about title. I’m talking about our position as children of God. We honor each other because we ALL hold the same position as a child of God!

Bottom line, you can honor anyone, no matter what, because God has honored you unconditionally though Jesus! That is an important concept we cannot forget. 

One last thing...PASTORS...You must set the culture of honor for your church. You must demonstrate honor as being a 360 degree focus. Too often leaders teach a poor concept. They teach people to honor up for position and kick down for respect. But, a great leader will show honor to those above, below and beside. So, become a great leader and demonstrate honor for your people.