Leadership Pain (pt2)

As a leader we need to realize something....this something: There is more in you if you will just push through the pain. Step out of who you are and into who God is making you to be.

We need to develop a thick skin and great endurance to see the GREATER THINGS that God intends for our lives. I believe fully that in the process God will often break you privately before He uses you publicly. It's like Mark Driscoll often says, "In order for God to do something great through you, He must first do something great in you!".

I believe as leaders we need to ask God to help us increase our pain tolerance in a few specific ways.....These are things I learned from listening to other great leaders!

  • We need tolerance against our critics and their rejection. We will always face unjustified rejection. In truth, the more influence you get, the greater your rejection will be. So our pain tolerance must be proportional to the level of influence we have!
  • We need a high threshold for pain when it comes to making hard decisions. The greater our ministries and lives, the harder the decision become. And, there are simply more of them. If you want to grow, you will need to develop a tolerance to pain like this.
  • More than anything, you need a high pain threshold for God's pruning. As you gain influence, God will work more closely to prune your weaknesses and character traits that need to die. This is one of the most painful things in the world. This one alone often derails so many leaders...We must be willing to endure the pain of pruning in order to grow.  

Remember, the difference between where you are and the place God wants you to be is the pain you are unwilling to endure. 

The measure of your potential is about the level of pain you are willing to endure. With great growth and influence comes great pain.