Quit Assuming

One of the greatest failures of American Christianity is that we often assume somebody else has already done the things we need to be doing. This is especially true with things that demand our time, our resources and our money. It is because we are intrinsically selfish! Admittedly, that is something that I have struggled with from time to time. But, about 9 years ago God broke that down in one are of my life after a trip to Haiti.

God broke that area in my life so much that Allison and I have dedicated our lives to the pursuit of being obedient in it. We have dedicated cumulative months of time, thousands of dollars and our family to the call. It is not that we are anything great. It is not that we have gotten it all right. It is not that that we never get things wrong...It is simply that we decided it was time to quit assuming it was being done by others, and be obedient to God's command. 

I believe Katie Davis says it best, "Jesus does not ask that we care for the less fortunate, He demands it! When calling ourselves Christ followers caring for orphans, the desolate, and the widow are not an option. It's a requirement."

It's about living out James 1:27. It's about modeling the life of Jesus. It's about caring for others the way that Christ cared for us.

Jesus spent His life for ours....How will we spend our lives for others?