How To Avoid Burnout


I could write an entire novel on this subject....Instead I want to boil it down to a few simple steps that will help. I've walked through burn out and it's no fun. Plus, it's very bad for your family, your organization and the people in your life. If you are living in burn out or on the verge of it, you simply cannot be the best version of yourself. 

So, here are some simple steps to help you avoid and/or overcome burn out....

  1. Say No! It is not your job to do everything. You should make this a regular pratice in your life. When you say yes to something, you are saying no to something. Create, evaluate and practice priorities in your life. 
  2. Take a Break. Make room for legitimate vacations! Disconnect and recharge away from work. Enjoy some fun, recreation and relaxation. It is a fact that downtime makes you smarter.
  3. Don't Cheat. I'm not talking marital infidelity (although that's no good anyway!) I mean, don't try to find a shortcut. A Meaningful career requires hard work, lots of time and diligence. Trying to cheat will drive you crazy and lead to eventual burnout.
  4. Practice Repentance and Confession Often. Let your pride die! Keep your humanity in focus. You are not perfect, and you do not need the pressure to make others think you are. Admit your failures. Ask forgiveness from the people you offend or hurt. Simply be a real human being. 
  5. Invest in Others. Take time to encourage and build up other people. Get the focus off of yourself and pay attention to loving other people; particularly on your family and other leaders. Focus on leaving a legacy. 

This certainly is not everything you need to avoid burnout, or recover. But, I believe these practical steps will help in HUGE ways.