One Difference Between Good & Great Pastors

One PRIMARY difference between a good pastor & a great pastor is the people surrounding him.

I cannot tell you how very true this is. It is crucial that the people surrounding you, as a pastor, must possess some very certain qualities and attitudes. These specifics will most assuredly determine your success, mediocrity or failure as a pastor. 

I can speak to these with experience and understanding after being a pastor for many years. At times as a pastor I have had people surrounding me who have had none, some or all of these. And in that time I have seen my level of leadership rise from failure to success depending on which category they were in. As a church planter now, this is more true than ever! 

The key thing, before I share the qualities and attitudes, is this: YOU MUST HAVE A VISION! As a pastor there must be a vision for your church, it's people and your calling. What is that thing that God has called you to do, something no one else will do like you will? That is where being a pastor and church leader truly begins. If you know that answer, then keep reading. 

The people around you must contain 3 qualities; that will become attitudes. Specifically, I am referring to the people closest to you. These are the people you closely relate to, listen to and that you personally serve. I'm not referring to the general membership of your church, but the high-level leaders and influencers, your innner-circle. 

I could explain in my own words, which would be far too long, or use what one of my mentors says. So I'll use his words! So in the words of Pastor Perry Noble these people must...

  1. Love Jesus (They must be bought into the Gospel above ALL else)
  2. Love the Church (They must be sold out to the vision and the mission 1,000,000%)
  3. And, Love You (They care more about your success than your view of them!)

In that order! Nothing different. If that is true...then they will give you wise counsel, input and encouragement that will help you succeed as a leader and pastor. So, consider the people around you. What are their qualities and attitudes? If they look like this....then you are in a good place! If not, then it's time to consider who you have let into your life as an influence and a voice!

Surround yourself with GREAT people.