Pharisee or Disciple?

The difference between a disciple and a pharisee in the Bible is ONE thing....Evangelism! ~ Perry Noble
Our greatest calling is to let others know about Jesus and the life we have in Him.  
Our greatest calling is NOT to just have a deeper knowledge of Jesus....If that's our pursuit we are pursuing something Satan has achieved..Not the right standard if you ask me!
Our pursuit is not to simply live a holy life so the world can see our example. Jesus rebuked that in the lives of the pharisees! They did all the right things, but did not share the Gospel!
Our greatest call is to "go & tell". (Matt 28:19) We are to be evangelist. ALL of Jesus disciples were evangelists. If we are going to be disciples of Jesus, we are going to have to be evangelists. 
  • Knowledge of God + Right Living (Loving others) + Being in the World (Interacting with the crowds like Jesus)+ Modeling & Talking about life in Jesus (Evangelism) = Disciple
  • Knowledge of God + Right Living (Religious Practice) + Being in the World (In the markets like Jesus) = Pharisee
Which Formula describes your life?