You Can Always Depend On.....

As a pastor there is one thing you can always depend on….Something that you can be sure will never leave you, it’ll never abandon your ministry and always give the opportunity to create momentum. This one thing has the potential to make you a wiser, sharper and more capable leader. It has the power to propel you to new heights. It is exciting! At times it will be costly, and will try your patience. At times you might even wish it would abandon you! But, without this one thing…..great things never happen….

The one thing you can always depend on is change! Change will always be part of leading. Change will always be part of growth. And, change is the only constant in life! 

Getting the best out of change is 100% about the way you perceive it and receive it. With the right attitude, you will have your greatest moments and season as a leader when change occurs. And, when you see it that way, and embrace it that way….the people you lead will too! 

So, embrace change! Utilize change….and lead in change! How can you do this? Here’s a few simple ways you can lead in change and help other people learn to perceive it and receive it well….

Be willing to cancel things…never be married to one single idea!

Stay flexible with style, methods and timing in every event, activity and plan you create. 

Hold ALL of your plans in an open hand so that God doesn’t have to pry your hands off…It’s painful and takes the fun out of change!