So many times when we encounter God we are lacking something great....expectation. Unfortunately the church has trained us to think only that God wants something from us, and rarely expressing what God wants for us. I was reminded of this again today as I was reading Acts 3. 

This is the story of the lame beggar at the gate. Peter and John encounter him begging and they respond. When he looks at them verse 5 says something powerful..."He fixed his attention on them, expecting to receive something from them." That is the very moment God did a miracle in his life and he was healed. 

So often we find oursleves begging for God's attention. We just want him to notice us. But, when we realize He is looking at us...we get anxious. We worry that we don't have what He needs, that we can't do what He wants or that we simply are not good enough for what might be given to us. As a result we do not "fix our attention on Him and expect something from Him". I believe the result is that we miss out on a ton of the blessing God wants to give to us. 

We were created to bring God glory. That's our sole purpose in life! In order to bring God glory, we need the chance to celebrate the miracles and blessing He brings in our lives. Believe me God wants to bless you, and He wannts to do miracles in your life. But, He also wants you attention and your expectation. It is through expectation we prepare to bring God the greatest glory! That's what happened for the lame beggar...He was healed and couldn't stop praising God and telling the world what had happened.

Let's start building our expectation of what God wants to do for us, in us and through us!