Not Another One of Those.....

Ever said that when you've seen something, expereinced it or dealt with something? I know I have! One particular area that I have found myself saying that is the area of dating, relationships and marriage....In particular programs, books and shows. Our world is consumed with overly sensationalized relationship advice and entertainment. The Bachelor or Bachelorette create a false assumption of love. There are countless books written on the ideas of dating and relationships. There are movies, radio shows, websites and so much more. So when I heard about one of the latest additions to the world of dating and relationship resources I said, "Not Another Dating Book"!!! 

My friend Renee Fisher just realeased her second book entitle.....Not Another Dating Book. She called me sometime back and asked if I would read it and give her my thoughts. I'll be honest, I went in as a cynic! But, I came out a believer. I believe in her, her ideas and the immense amount of truth that she has written. What I love about this book is that Renee is candid about her own experiences and her own thoughts. Better yet, she directs you to look at your relationship through the lense of your walk with Christ. Renee challenges you to really find your contentment with Jesus before you find it in others. Even better, it is a devotional that walks you daily through the process of learning, growing and being encouraged as your work out your relationships. 

I love this book. In fact, I have already given it to a number of friends and folks in our church! If you're struglling with relationships, or you know someone who is, this is a must read! You'll find your self laughing, thinking, changing and very encouraged. 

So, let's make it easy for you....Here is where you can get Renee's book: