A Problem for MOST Leaders

The problem for most leaders is that they spend most of their time somewhere other than the present. They are examining the successes of their past and planning for successes in the future. They are evaluating what has been completed and building a game plan for tomorrow. But, they struggle to be present for today.

Evaluation and planning are important. In fact, they are 100% necessary if we want long term success as leaders. However, when they consume the majority of our time, we are not being great stewards of what God has given us. And, if we cannot steward what God has given us well, why in the world would we believeor expect He would give us more?

The only thing that God has given to us is the present. What is happening right now is the only thing we are guaranteed. This moment is the present God is giving us. The past is a present we have already unwrapped, and the future is a present we have not been handed. So we need to unwrap and fully enjoy the present that God has given to us. Otherwise, we will miss out on the best of what God has for us. 

Hw can you evaluate if you struggle with this? Here are a few questions:

  • When you are in a conversation with someone, are you listening to their words, or planning for your next response, question or statement?
  • When you are serving someone, or some group, are you paying attention to what you are doing, or thinking about how you can tell this story to further your ministry or platform?
  • Evaluate the hours in your day...How many are spent enjoying the things happening right now, and how many are spent in planning and evaluation?
  • When you are with your kids or spouse, are you enjoying the activity or thinking about what you will do as soon as you have completed your "mandatory" time with them? (Leaders, the way we process time and relationship with our family is a direct reflection on how we will steward the people in our ministry!

If you struggle with any of these, you struggle with being present for the present.

The reality is that I struggle greatly with this. Yes, I have visions, plans and dreams for the future. I want to see my church reach thousands. But, today we have dozens. And, if I don't steward that well, be present for those realtionships and stories....Why in the world would God give me thousands? The most important ministry I have is the moment I am in, because it is all I truly have right now. I have to be a great steward of the things God has given me if I expect to gain more. 

Take some time today to evaluate how you are stewarding the things, the people and the moments that God is givne you!