The Most Popular Phrase Church Planters Use, And I Hate It!

I can now officially weigh in on this subject as a church planter. It is something I am quickly coming to despise....It's a common phrase that I hear from church planters every where...(and frankly from pastors everywhere too!)

Must be nice to have __________, sure wish I had that because I could do more.

You can fill that blank in with anything you'd like. Money, sound systems, video cameras, a cafe, volunteers, staff and more; that's what often fills that blank. 

Believe me, right now I know exactly what it is like not to have many of the things in that list. It is tempting and very difficult not to walk around repeating this phrase multiple times every day. But, If I did, if I gave my attention to that, I would be ignoring what God has given me! And, quite frankly, I believe that's sinful. 

Living with this mentality is coveting and jealousy. I simply do not believe God will honor that in any way. In fact, God has given me what I have to see if I am willing to appreciate and steward it before He gives me more. So, if I spend all my time trying to bypass this step, God will likely never give me more. The reality is there are no shortcuts. The guys who have the things you want so badly, they worked very hard to get those things! And, you will have to work hard too!

So, church planter, the next time you are tempted to make this statement and walk around feeling defeated...STOP for a minute. Change your perspective. Take a look at the things that God has given you, no matter how small. Choose to be grateful and express that to God. Then, figure out how you are going to leverage that for the vision and mission God has given you. The reality is, the most valuable tool you have been given; your vision, mission and the Gospel...It costs nothing to share that, with passion, to the people God has put in your life. Start there and see if God doesn't multiply what He is giving you!