Celebrate....The Small Stuff!

One thing I am NOT good at in life is celebrating the small stuff. In fact, I have a great tendency to blow past the small stuff because my eyes and my actions are set on the BIG stuff. I am looking for the BIG successes to celebrate and enjoy. And, in the process I miss out on so many great things in life. 

So often the greatest moments come in the small stuff. As a church planter this is more true now than ever. I am building a church with one small victory at a time! It is the small things that we achieve, experience and encounter that make all the difference.

It's tough in the church world to feel like it's okay to celebrate the small stuff. So often we watch Twitter, go to conferences and listen to podcasts and hear of HUGE things that some of the great pastors and leaders are doing and we start comparing! I can rememebr one Sunday when I baptised 6 people...I was excited! Then that week on the podcast and Twitter I heard where another pastor (one of the greatest in my opinion) baptised hundreds that same week. I stopped celebrating almost instantly. I felt like my celebration was not justified, after all, it was small in comparrison and I needed to begin working to achieve that goal. My perspective was wrong! I had a very successful week. His church had thousands, my church barely had hundreds. Truthfuly, there should be no comparrison! My eyes should be focused solely on what God has called me to do, celebrating each and every victory He gives along the way. Otherwise, it's like telling God the victories He gives us are not good enough!

Scripture says, in Luke 15:7, that the all of Heaven stops to celebrate even ONE who gives their life to Jesus! If all of Heaven stops to celebrate the small things...Don't you think we should too? The small things add up. If we accumulate the small things, over time, they add up to something BIG! In fact, enough small things can become a force that impacts a city, a nation and the world!

"Snowflakes are small and fragile on their own, but if you put enough of them together they can stop traffic in a major city!" ~ Pablo Giacopelli 

The reality is that within a couple of years I had baptised over 350 people at my church; over 50% of my church!I saw something few pastors ever get to see. It was amazing. If I had stopped paying attention to the small stuff altogether, I would have missed out on how amazing that is. God is pretty awesome, and I might have missed that.

I want to collect enough small things to stop traffic! I want that in my life, my family and my ministry. I am working on celebrating the small things more and more. I am working on being aware of the things God is doing big or small. Will you?