Uncommon Church Update

Let me say that this process of planting a church has not been easy. In fact, it is the toughest job I have ever had in my life. It has required more time, more energy and more investment than ever before. But, it has been far more rewarding than I ever imagined.

I want to share a few observations from these first few months....

Fundraising is TOUGH...The reality is that church planting was a really popular idea about 5-10 years ago. Now it is a little bit "tired". That's what happens when something great becomes a "fad". As a result, so many people are very tired of being asked for finances to fund a vision. So, I have fought the tension between my expectations and reality. However, I can truly say, God has provided what we need and when we need it!

I LOVE people! But, that also means that I want people to love me, and Uncommon Church. Along the way we have seen faces come and go. Which, in church, is part of reality. But, when it is in your living rooom, you notice it a little bit more. The reality is that often I have to remind myself that this is God's Church, not mine. So, He will have the right folks here at the right time. 

I LOVE to preach. But, when you're in a living room, that's not the best way to communicate! I had had to learn to temper myself and my wants in this process. This has been toughest personally. But, I have been able to use this time to write and prepare for future sermons. 

The WATCHES have been an incredibe way to talk about Uncommon Church! We made the watches this month and they have proven to be our #1 way of getting people to ask....It proves the idea that you have to "differentiate or die". Set yourself apart and people will take notice. Try something different and see what happens! CLICK HERE to get yours!

This week Uncommon Church made it's first official move....from my living room to the Cedar Park Rec Center. This was a biggie for us. (We have officially had to pay rent!) It started us on the road to moving away from a small group feel, to the beginnings of an actual church. Very exciting!!! Let me share some of the day's highlights....

  • We got to watch our 17ft flags go up in Cedar Park!
  • We got to set up our first mini-cafe thnaks to CBTL (Coffee Been & Tea Leaf, Sorry Starbucks...this stuff is better!)
  • We got to set up our signage, and take over the building!
  • We saw new faces....which was awesome! Something we expect EVERY week. 
  • We had a scorpion in our nursery! (Don't worry we found it during setting up and made sure our room was safe before kids arrived.)
  • We had one of the kids pull the fire alarm...so 1/2 through we had a fire drill! (Never a dull moment!)
  • We had an amazing time praying over our new location, and believe God will use it in BIG ways!
  • We set "the table" to welcome people, to meet them where they are and lead them to life in Christ!

I have never been more excited about what the future holds. Truly, GREATER THINGS are ahead! 

If you want to learn more about how you can help Uncommon Church.....or get involved....CLICK HERE!