Giving the Bird

This past week I was in Chicago for training and planning for Uncommon Church. While I was away, my core team had an incredible experience. They met at our potential building location and had prayer together. I love the fact that their pastor did not have to be present for them to go and do something significant! (I've always said that my leadership will be tested when I am away...This may not be about leadership principles, but I do know that these guys have got the vision!) While they were there, they had a unique God experience. I am going to share it with you through the words of one of our team members....

"Last night was an AH-mazing night hanging out with each of you and teaming up praying and asking God for his provision and favor! We got to be part of God's story that is unfolding for Uncommon! How AH-mazing is that!!!! I truly believe there was an INCREDIBLE message from God through an injured bird! Yup, a bird!

I have a story to share with you about the significance of a bird! Last night Mandy noticed a bird on the pavement that was being attacked by another bird. The bird on the pavement was injured and couldn't fly away and the other bird kept pecking at it, as though it was trying to kill it. When Mandy started walking toward the injured bird, she realized that the bird had a broken wing. She didn't want to pick it up because birds carry all kinds of diseases. I then walked next door to the ARA (Austin Radiology Associates) and asked if they had any latex gloves I could have. In fact, I asked for two pairs. After I inspected the bird, I shared with Mandy that I thought it was a DOVE! So, Mandy and I teamed up and she was able to catch the dove. Allison had a container that we placed it in and she called the bird rescue place and they told her she could take the dove there. Here is the AH-mazing part of this dove story!

As we were praying, it was shared that the DOVE with it's broken wing is a symbol of the broken people God will be sending to Uncommon! Our church will be a place where the broken, hurting, jaded, weird, or whatever label people want to put on it; WILL find love, peace, redemption and restoration! Uncommon WILL BE known as the center of hope for so many people who have no hope! Uncommon WILL BE known as the Lighthouse for all who enter it's doors! Uncommon WILL BE a place where people want to be because of the LOVE that we show! Pretty incredible, huh! So, this dove who was hurt and had a broken wing is now being cared for and loved at a local wildlife rehab and will soon have a healed wing and will be released to FLY! What an incredible visual and lesson. This could have only been orchestrated by God! What a cool revelation from God for Uncommon Church! God is so AWESOME and I'm thankful that we got to be "in the moment" and celebrate it with each of you!"

Bottom line.....I love seeing God at work in Uncommon Church. I am so honored that God would allow us to be part of a BIG vision. I continually tell my team one simple thing.....God chose to build a church like Uncommon here in Austin, and He has invited all of us to be part!

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