"Most of us starve in life because we focus on the third of the cake we don't have, instead of focusing on the two-thirds we have been given" Pablo Giacopelli

Truth is, most church planters and church leaders see life this way. They are so focused on what other people have, and worried about why they don't have it, that they loose sight of the things they do have! In the process they NEVER utilize their potential.

If we would focus more on the things that we have in ministry and life, we would accomplish 40x more than we do when we are worried about the few things we don't have.

As a church planter; I don't have a building, a sound system, a media set-up, video cameras, full band, army of volunteers, big congregation, great website, HUGE offerings, big staff and SO much more. I could decide to let the pursuit of those things get me worried, angry, jealous and more. Or, I can shift my perspective!

I am focusing on the fact that I do have people who are passionate, people who care, a place to meet, excitement, newness, leverage, personal passion and a BIG vision. If I focus on those things today....I can do great things with them. 

If I worry about what I don't have, I will not utilize what I do have to its maximum potential.

What is your perspective? Are you more concerned with what you do have, or what you don't have? I believe the difference between these two perspectives is the key to success or failure!