For every leader or pastor who is driven, we share a common desire...We all want a platform. We want a place where our voice can be heard. We want a place where people will notice us. We are looking for a place to be significant. We are looking for affirmation and acceptance.

Many of us have spent time, resources, energy and made great sacrifice to achieve any level of platform we can get. Most times it has come at a great cost to our marriage, our family, our ministry, our health and even our sanity.

Our pursuit has been for the wrong reason and has simply been in vain. We pursue because deep down, we believe that if we do something greater, we will be loved greater by God and others! If you're honest...you know this is true!

The reality is that God is NOT interested in your platform. God is interested in your time!

When God worked greatly through men in the Bible, it came after they had given time to God. When they found time to listen to Him, praise Him, worship Him and simply be in His presence. If we miss these things...I truly believe we will miss God!

Instead of giving so much time to the pursuit or your platform, give that effort to your pursuit of being in God's presence....Be still and listen to Him. Worship Him. Just enjoy time with Him. After all, that's why we were created....for His pleasure, His enjoyment and His relationship!

Leaders....Don't just teach this, LIVE THIS!