The Heart

There is something interesting about a wound...a place on your body that needs to heal. That something is the reality that there is absolutely nothing you can do to insure that it heals at a particular time. You cannot simply decide that wound will heal in 5 days, 15 days or even 25 days. Even if you did decide such a thing, you would end up spending lots of time, energy and even money trying to make sure it happened. And, in reality, it would likely not heal by your particular choice of timing. In fact, have you ever noticed that even a doctor will not prescribe a specific day for healing? It is just a fact of life.

The reality is that most of us have wounds. But not just physical wounds. These wounds that are deep inside of our hearts. These are the type wounds that we desperately want to heal. The reality is that most of us work very hard to create a time constraint and deadline to see these things healed. And, when it doesn't happen the wound worsens. As a matter of fact, we might even create more wounds as a results.

Our problem is we are trying to mend our own wounds...We are trying to fix our hearts. We are trying to determine the results of our life and experiences.....The thing we are trying to do is be in control! When I place time constraints on healing in my life....I am trying to be in control!

The reality is that God is most concerned with my heart. And, He is the only one who can truly heal my heart...In fact, He doesn't just heal it...He gives me a new heart. It is God's greatest concern and desire...God doesn't look at our issues and our problems...He looks at our hearts and He desires to give us a new heart.

As individuals...and especially as leaders....We must be less concerned with controlling the healing time and process, and let God do it. We should not place constraints on ourselves or others. We should step back and let God do what He is best at...Working in our hearts....I think you'll be HUGELY surprised at what happens!