The One Thing

Have you ever paid attention to the ways that you pray? Have you ever listened to the things you say to God? Have you ever wondered why so many times we pray, and pray, and pray and pray for something and often never see the results we desire? Have you ever gone after something you wanted and planned, asking God to bless it?

In complete honesty, I will tell you this has been me for a very long time. I have found myself pursuing visions, pursuing efforts that I knew were good and asking God for results. Asking God for very specific results.

However, I found myself frustrated. I was not seeing the results, the things I so desperately wanted. I would labor through taking an inventory of my life. Was I not praying right? Was I not living with enough faith? Was there some sin I really needed to relinquish? What was wrong with me???? The problem is that I never asked the right question!

We often place importance in areas that God does not! We seek for good things, when God has called us to great things. We take our wants, and ask God to join us.

The truth is...We should be asking one question...God, what is most important to you?

The Answer: MY HEART!

If I will focus on my heart and what God wants to do in it, with it and through it...I will be highly surprised at the things that God does. I know they will be greater than anything that I could have ever imagined. In fact, they will be God sized...not my sized! The things that I experience and accomplish in life with be a consequence...the over flow....of what God is doing in my heart. Anything less is simply that...LESS!

Focus on what God wants to do in your heart and see what happens!