2 Key Ingredients

Every church plant MUST have 2 key ingredients if it is going to succeed, and truly every church. Without these two things you can absolutely forget seeing great things happen. In fact, I would challenge that every time a church or church plant fails, one or both of these elements is missing!

You can look at Peter's life, and his call to start the church, for proof that these things are necessary. Without these two things, Peter would have remained the short tempered, arrogant, overly ambitious, impulsive and flighty dude that he was. But, with these two things God used Peter to greatly impact thousands at a time and eventually the world! Success for Peter didn't rest on his skills, experience or knowledge....It was simply the existence of these 2 things. 


  1. The Holy Spirit! This is the primary thing Peter needed. After the Spirit showed up, that's when peter began to preach and speak boldly. And, we can watch throughout the New Testament as thousands of people's lives are changed as a result. You can see one example in Acts 2:4 & 41. As church leaders and church planters, we MUST recognize the Holy Spirit and let Him build things, not just do it on our own. If we build it on our own ability, it will eventually fail! If that were Peter's process, Petecost would have never happened! Without the Holy Spirit....You and I will never see the greater things God told us we would see in John 14:12
  2. Whatever It Takes Attitude! (W.I.T.) This is CRUCIAL. This is what every leader must possess in themselves, and everyone else on their team. This is a willingness to give as much time, energy, effort, resources, talent and skill necessary to pursue the vision and the calling. Not because you or I are that good, but because we should give the best of what we have for Christ's sake. If this is missing in the leader or his team....failure is eminent. Ministry, and especially church planting, is very tough; and struggle is part of the process. If there is no W.I.T. then eventually everyone gets tired, wornout and gives up. Wihtout W.I.T. the enemy wins. Take a minute and read Acts 5:17-21. If Peter and John had simply given up to success, and not been willing to try again no matter the cost...The church would have never grown! If we don't lead and operate with a whatever it take attitude, we can expect eventual failure, or at the least......mediocrity!  

So take a few minutes each day to examine your life, your ministry and your team. Are these two ingredients present and evident. And, most importanly, do they appear in this order. If the Holy Spirit is not first...then your W.I.T. will eventually give out!