A Short Perspective

Not sure if you will agree with me or not.....but I wanted to share a thought with you about missions. I am in Haiti this week with an amazing team, and will share some pictures below. We are serving a number of different missions & ministries. But, most importantly we are serving people. We are getting the chance to spend time getting to know people and share time with them. 

Here's one short perspective I have on missions. So many time teams come into countries like Haiti with great intentions. They come to build something, create something and accomplish something specific. They provide meals, medicine and materials that are much needed. But so often the focus is on the wrong thing....these other things we have just listed. The thing I have come to realize after serving in Haiti and other countries in the last decade is this..... People simply need our time, our attention and our love. We can provide homes, medicine and food. But those thing all solve temporary needs. But if we offer them love....We impact them for a lifetime. 

The most important thing to God is the condition of our hearts. If that's the most important thing to God, it should get our attention as well. We can make a huge impact if we keep our attention, our energy and our efforts focused on the condition of people's hearts! We do that best when we simply share our time, attention and love with the people we are serving. This is true in the mission field as well. If you want to see your team, and the people you are serving changed forever....Focus on their hearts and not the projects you've set out to achieve!

Here are a couple great pics from this week in Haiti so far!

My daughter, Karis, in the Children's Home Young Girl in Port au Prince