The Danger of the New Normal

My audience is primarily folks in ministry, and today is no exception. However, if you're in business, a stay at home mom or even just a student....This will apply to you as well. So read this through the lens of your world view and simply apply the principles.

I guess I have to start by defining the "New Normal". Today's world has quickly become defined as a digital world, with one of the highest influences being social media. If you're reading this...It's because you likely saw my update on Twitter or Facebook, or you're one of the 6 people who have actually subscribed to this blog! Social media has lots of influence in our lives. WHY??? Because it gives us the illusion of seeing into peoples' lives we would never have the chance to explore. We feel as though we get to know people and become friends. (albeit virtual!) As a result, we begin to assume the stories, jobs, processes, experiences and blessings in other peoples' lives are normal. We see what they post and we feel as though it is the way things should be...the "New Normal" I am referrring to. 

Here's the problem....What do most people (including all of us) tweet, facebook and blog about? Answer: The best, most sensational, most incredible, most monumental and most proud moments. We share the highlights of our ministries, our lives and our families. We rarely share the tough moments, the failures, the struggles we all experience. 

How do I know...I have been guilty of doing just that! For example...Last Easter we did the infamous Egg Drop. We had roughly 5,000 people show up to this event. Believe me, I twittered the life out of that stuff. But, Easter Sunday...Our crowd was not massive, in fact I believe we only saw a few dozen people show up as a result of the Egg Drop. I didn't twitter the life out of that event. For the person looking from the outside I gave the impression that thousands, not hundreds, was normal. But, in fact, it was not our normal. 

That's not the only way it happens...It happens when we see the truly great things God is doing for other pastors, leaders, families, businesses and more. We see them and think their results are normal...and we begin to assume our results are not normal. We begin to believe that something is missing in our lives, or something is wrong with us. We have found ourselves living a life of comparisson with others. Living this way is not healthy, and never ends well! It builds stress, anxiety, frustration and even fear into our lives. We become infected with the "New Normal". When that happens we loose our drive, ambition and ability to doing great things. It happens because we let discourgaement invade our thoughts and lives. 

We have got to remember that God created us each as individuals. What is normal for me, is not normal for you! The results you experience I may never see in my own life. The blessing you receive, may never find theri way into my world. And, all I have sen God do in my life, you may never experience.

So, how do we overcome the danger of the "New Normal" infecting our lives and tearing us down? Simple...Take time to celebrate the little things in your life. Take and inventory and get excited about the things God is doing in your life, no matter how big and how small. Doing this will help you get excited about your normal, and realize that God has given you more than maybe you have recognized. This can help you overcome the "New Normal" and realize how much God has blessed you!