Come & Die

This is one thing that I believe the Church has done a poor job at teaching....

Jesus called people from "Come & See" to "Come & Die".

Jesus met people where they were and drew them by meeting felt needs. He healed the sick before they were repentant. He fed the hungry simply because they were present. He drew people to come and see what He was all about!

But, afterthey came and saw...He would instruct many to "follow me". Then He talked to the crowd about giving their lives to the Gospel...Jesus did not come to us to make our lives easy, convenient or comfortable. He called us to literally give our lives and our all for Him. He called us to do the unconventional and uncomfortable. He called us to set our desires aside, and pursue Him at all cost. He called us to "come & die", die to ourselves and be alive in Him. 

If we are going to see God do GREATER things through our lives and the Church, it is going to require our all. It will require us to love the unlovely. We must care when it's easier to ignore. It will require that we serve when it's not easy or convenient. It means we MUST give our time, resources, talents and finances in true sacrifice no matter what it costs. Anything less is a form of convenient Christianity for us....If Jesus gave His ALL for us, we cannot truly be followers of Him without doing the same. 

We must give our ALL. Otherwise, we become "lukewarm" and God says he will "vomit" that out! (Revelation 3:15-16) I want my life and our Church to be the "come & die" kind. I want to be the type person who is willing to give everything they have to see the Gospel grow and see Jesus made famous. And, I want to lead a church that will do the same. I am daily asking God to make me into that kind of person. How about you???