Warfare.... (Guest Post by Mike Bullock)

Today I am sharing a great post by my friend Mike Bullock. This is a great read...Mike is part of the Core Team at Uncommon Church and dedicated to the mission of meeting people where they are and leading them to life in Christ!

Several years back, my good friend Aaron Campbell and I had a long conversation about spiritual warfare. We began the topic with the concept that if your life is peaches and cream all the time, odds are you aren’t doing much for the Kingdom. If you’re no threat to the enemy, why would he bother to cause you any trouble?

As the conversation evolved, we landed on how severe the attacks must be on lead pastors, particularly those that are growing their churches, meeting people’s needs and bringing folks to Christ in droves. At the time, we both attended Palm Valley Church in Goodyear, Arizona and used Pastor Greg Rohlinger as an example in the conversation. Since then, Greg has come under attack so severely it’s hampered his physical health. Thankfully, Greg is a warrior for Christ and knows God has his back and won’t give up the fight.

Since my family has joined the core of Uncommon Church, we’ve seen this play out again in the life of our Lead Pastor, Michael Robison. He and his family have been attacked on several fronts lately, with the sorts of onslaughts that could easily be used as an excuse to back away from ministry. Michael has endured great physical pain. He and his wife and children have endured great emotional pain. Talking with them, you can almost see the burdens weighing them down. Yet, underneath it, their spirits are still shining and their hearts still have the ability to laugh and rejoice, since they know God loves them.

I spent awhile last night discussing the concept of Pastors under attack with Michael and he told me something a friend of his mentioned years ago after listening to another Lead Pastor discuss the overwhelming assaults on his own life. His friend, after hearing out his Lead Pastor for about twenty minutes, simply responded to the list of assaults with: “Good.” When the pastor questioned this seemingly unmerciful response to his outcry, Michael’s friend replied and said “I wouldn’t follow a Pastor who wasn’t under attack.

Makes sense. If your Lead Pastor is no threat to the enemy, he will never find himself in the cross-hairs…

To further illustrate the sorts of physical, emotional, financial and spiritual assaults pastors endure, check out this sobering post by Eugene Cho.

My take-aways from this:

  1. Anyone who considers themselves a committed Christian should be doing everything they can to pray for and support their pastors.

  2. Anyone who doesn’t believe in Christ and the spiritual war we all live in 24/7 need only examine this overwhelming evidence of the war the enemy is waging on our leaders to know the Bible is the true, unerring word of God.

So, I ask you, no, I BEG you: Please pray for your pastors, their families and their missions. They live their lives on the front lines of the most important battle this world will ever experience, and their spouses and children live right there with them. They get no quarter, they have no safe haven.

While you and I get to go home at night from our day jobs, those in ministry feel the effects of their calling from the moment they begin their career until the moment it ends, and on into eternity…