Big Vision

Something I am learning, something maybe I should have learned a long time ago, is that BIG vision makes an impact. A big vision will garner attention, it will gain support and it creates a following. When people are exposed to a big vision, they become curious. People want to explore a big vision. And, if they like what they see, they will follow that vision. More importantly, if that vision is a worthy enough cause, people will give their lives to the pursuit of that vision. 

But, there's the flip side to big vision. Big vision will also gather big criticism! Cynics love to find big vision and interject their doubts, their opinions and their logic. Why? Because big vision most often makes no sense! Big vision defies logic and exists outside of common sense. So people love to attack, criticise and demean big vision. Because we know this....Many leaders let the fear of man stop them from casting a big vision! (Prov 29:25)

Jesus has called us as leaders to cast big vision. He cast a BIG vision. But, Jesus said that we will do greater things! (John 14:12) If he preached to thousands, saw thousands healed, saw the hungry fed and cities changed....don't you think that we will see much more? We are afraid of that because the world cannot make sense of it...and we let our fear of people's opinions rather than the commands of Jesus guide us!

So...allow God to plant a BIG vision in you. Cast that BIG vision without fear. Pursue that BIG vision. And be part of seeing greater things!