Nothing Like This Ever

This week I was reading through my favorite portion of the Bible, Matthew 9. This chapter of the Bible has had more impact on my life than any other. This week I was impacted by something I’ve read a million times. 

Jesus had been in the towns and crowds around Israel. He was loving people, healing people, spending time with them, forgiving sins, listening to them and raising the dead. It is a chapter full of the greatness of who Jesus is. It even outlines His heart and compassion for the people. 

In Matthew 9 we see Jesus as being a loving healer, compassionate friend, encourager, activator of potential, enemy to the damage of sin, the one freeing people from oppression and aware of the hurting and broken. It is an incredible picture of one man, our Savior, our Father and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

The thing that stands out to me is this.....When the people of Israel encountered all of this in in Jesus they had one response.....”There has never been anything like this in Israel” (Matthew 9:33)

This is a POWERFUL statement. When people experienced love, compassion, healing, hope, forgiveness and the hard work Jesus put into His work they knew it was unique. 

Our churches should have the same effect. After all, the Church is the bride of Jesus! Our churches should be a place where people experience love, compassion, healing, hope, forgiveness and the hard work it takes to offer all of these! I know I want this for my church. 

If our churches would become a reflection of who Jesus is.....Then we will have an impact in our cities, communities and countries. I want the people of Austin to say.....”There’s never been anything like this in Austin!” How about your church and your city?!?!?!