Be An Advocate

One of the greatest roles we can have in the lives of others is to be their advocate. This is especially true for the broken and messy people that are in the world. And, if we are honest, that is 100% of the human race. 

The reality is that the Church and Christians have done a horrible job of advocating for the messy and broken. Religion has impaired the ability of people to truly be an advocate for those who need hope, healing and love. We have placed restrictions on the types of messy and broken people for whom we will advocate. We have create levels of sin, and in turn decided at which level we will allow ourselves to interact with a broken world. This is absurd!

If this was how Jesus had interacted with the world then we would have to ask the follwing questions: Would he have interacted with the woman at the well? Would he have healed the demon possessed guy? Would he have touched the leper? Would he have healed the blind man? Would he have raised Jairus’ daughter? Would he have called Matthew to be his disciple? 

The reality is that Jesus did all of the above. And, in Matthew 9:10-13, we see Jesus hanging out with the messy, broken and sinful. Jesus was an advocate of the broken, sinful and hurting. He did not apply a system of levels or degrees of sin or issues for which he would advocate. He simply loved people. Just like he still does for us today, an advocate at the right hand of God pleading our case! He's my advocate and yours. 

So...Then we have to ask ourselves why we have done this? Why have we created levels or degrees of sin? Why have we decided with which of those levels and sins are acceptable for us to interact? 

Why? Because we refuse to be like Christ and instead make Christ like us. We have ask Christ to conform to our image instead of confirming to His! We have become the jackass who claims to be like Jesus, blind to our own hypocrisy! 

Imagine what would happen if we loved the sinner, became their advocate and walked with them through transformation; realizing it may take a while. God is not in a hurry, and we shouldn’t be either. 

What if we became the advocates for alduterers? What if we loved the prostitutes anyway? What if we loved the porn addicts? What if we loved the glutton and selfish through their sins? What if we loved the people who choose a different sexuality? What if we loved pastors who often offend and hurt the people they are supposed to serve? What if we did all of this without condition, like the unconditional love of Christ?

The world would be radically changed!

Love is certainly not about condoning and approving others behavior and choices. Love is about making a choice to walk out life with the people God has put in our path; no matter the mess and the cost! That’s how Jesus lived, and that’s how we should live! Sin is sin. That’s what Jesus saw. But, it never stopped Him from being the advocate for sinners. After all, He came to die and be a ransom for us. The ultimate advocate! So why do we believe we can be any different as followers of Jesus?