Outside of Our Control

One thing about the religious people in our world, the “church people”, that makes me sad is something Jesus experienced while He was serving people in His time. In fact, I have seen it over and over again during my short time as a pastor. 

Religious people tend to believe that life change cannot happen without rules, regulations and plans. Religious people like to control who, what, when and where encounters with Jesus happen. They treat religion like a cockpit, a ship they can control! And, when life change happens outside of that ideal, they discredit and disparage the miracles that happen. In fact, they often refer to them as cheap tricks and hocus-pocus!

In Matthew chapter 9, after Jesus had hung with sinners, raised the dead, healed the sick & blind, healed the possessed man and more....The religious people (Pharisees) said that all Jesus had done was black magic and had made a pact with the devil! (Matthew 9:34)

They were frustrated because life change had happened outside of their structures, plans, ideas and control. And when that happened, they worked to gain control by discrediting Jesus. Unfortunately, or truly fortunate, for us...Jesus is not constrained by our control, rules, ideas and plans! 

God works outside of our thoughts, abilities and uses the things we least expect to make His name famous. Don’t look for God to work in your plans! Look for what God is doing, and do whatever it takes to be there in the midst! 

Jesus is working where the people are ready to receive Him! 

Are you ready? Is your church ready? Will you do whatever it takes to find what God is doing and join Him there?