Meet People Where They Are

One of the core values of my life, and the vision of Uncommon Church, is this....

To Meet People Where They Are and Lead Them to Life in Christ

The reality is that often as Christians, and the Church, we want to create a place, environment, event, experience and destination for people to come to us. We want to put all of our time and energy into creating a place where people are compelled and drawn to join us. We want them to find their way into our company, instead of leaving our comfort zone to enter theirs. In fact, we are scared that meeting people where they are might get messy, costly and even dangerous. As a result we tend to stay in our safe, predictable church world. 

But that simply is not the nature of Jesus. Jesus did not simply wait for people to come to Him....He took the first step of coming to us. You know, the whole born in a manger, walking to the disciples on water, dying on the cross, appearing on the Road to Emmaus stuff! As a result..People were drawn to Him. As a result, lives were eternally transformed! As a result, people where able to know Him and discover life in Him.

As followers of Jesus we are called to go, to meet people where they are. For each of us that will look different. For some of us, meeting them where they are means knocking on the neighbors' door and inviting them over to grill out or watch the game. For others it will be going into the city and spending time with folks who live on the streets. For others it will be where you work, or where you shop. And still others, you will go across the globe to meet people where they are. 

No matter where you go or where you are when you meet people, the intent is all about the heart. Our heart has to be as much like Jesus' as possible. We aren't meeting people so that we can get closer to God, but rather that we would lead them closer to Jesus. We go to take them our experience with Jesus, in hopes they will experience their own. The truth is, all we have to do is be present with others, God will do the rest. In sharing Jesus, we simply show up, He will do the heavy lifting.