Something I have learned is that everyone has a threshold. Specifically, a threshold of the types of people they can handle or are willing to encounter. We all have an area of discomfort when it comes to people. For each of us that threshold is different. Things such as:

  • race
  • religion
  • disabilities
  • education
  • wealth
  • sexuality
  • marital status
  • jobs
  • homeless
  • The amazing thing is that Jesus just didn't have a threshold with people. If the person had leprosy, was lame, blind, demon possessed, jewish, samaritan, wealthy, poor or any other sort of odd instance.....Jesus was always loving, kind, forgiving and honest. Most of all, he gave them time and space to interact. That alone is more than most of us are willing to offer.  

    As followers of Jesus, we are called to live like He did. But, if we are going to do that....our thresholds must essentially be thrown out. We cannot possibly be like Him if we don't acknowledge these thresholds and work to remove them. We can only do this through Jesus.

    What is the threshold in your life that needs to be removed? Mine.....Well, it's really quite simple...people who are trapped in religious traditions.