Launching Uncommon

I grew up in a pretty safe church world. I was in churches that were created for people who "fit in". I've been there most of my life......The problem is that when I look at the world, I don't see people who fit. I see a world full of messy, broken and hurting people. These are people who are desperate to discover hope and unconditional love....something I know a little bit about. 

Even though I grew up in that world...God was working inside me for something else. God was growing a passion and burden in me to reach this world that did not "fit". God called me to go to a world full of messy, broken and hurting people to share the hope and unconditional love that only Jesus has to offer. God gave me a vision to start a church just for the people who didn't fit into those safe churches. I am tired of the "safe" church. I want to see the church take a risk, get a bit messy and live dangerously in an effort to reach people with the Gospel. (The passage that has inspired me is Matthew 9:9-13)

The reality is that following this vision is hard work. It is a risk....It is dangerous....It requires all I have to offer and MUCH more. But in such great great possibilities! God gave me this vision 11 years ago. But during the last 11 years, God has to help me discover this message of hope for myself. God has to help reveal just how broken and messy my life is. After all, how can you reach messy and broken people if you don't realize how messy and broken you are????

This past year God gave me the open door to pursue the vision He put in my heart in 2001. I moved my family almost 1200 miles from Tennessee to Austin, Texas. I cashed in ALL my chips to see this happen. I put everything I had on the line. And, it should come as no surprise that this last year has been a hard year. It has been full of excitement, full of hard work, full of struggle and full of miracles. God has been building the foundation for the vision He showed me on a beach in Florida in 2001. God is up to something BIG in Austin, and He has invited us to be a part of it. 

That "thing" is Uncommon Church. After a year of building a launch team, raising finances, equipping a group of leaders, getting acquainted with our city...The time has finally arrived! Just like having a baby, the timing is never exactly what you imagine or plan....but it is right. God has been preparing us for this day for a long time. 

On October 7th, 2012, we are launching Uncommon Church. We are opening our doors to the public. We are asking God to do something radical, UNCOMMON and fresh in our city. We are asking God to change lives in EPIC proportions. We are staying constant in prayer for that very thing.....and working hard to be prepared for what God is wanting to accomplish. We would like you to join us....To be part of this journey. Here's a little preview of what is ahead....