How Can A Leader..... (pt2)

How can a leader satisfy the interpersonal needs of his team??

  • Make sure each team member is able to participate in the goal/vision
  • Make sure team members are aware of their obligation to be active in the process?
  • Resolve conflicts as quickly as possible, with?out flattery
  • Regulate discussions and don't let one person dominate?
  • Be fair, but realistic. Know your team and know the limitation of it's members.? Don't set a person up for failure if they are unable to perform.
  • People are motivated by different things. Learn your team members' needs & how to motivate them individually?
  • Provide positive feedback & praise to individuals, not just the group. ?
  • ?Leaders: These simple steps will help strengthen and grow the team's confidence in you. It will help them see and know that you care about each of them personally. These things take time and effort, but the reward is great.