I Am Nothing!

I have come to realize how very true this is in my life. I have a deep desire to be seen as a success, accomplished and unique. Why??? I am desperate for the approval of other people. 

But, I have come to realize this is sinful, selfish and wrong. 

In reality, I have come to recognize that my life is of very little significance to the world. I truly am a nobody. The things I have accomplished, and the things I will accomplish, amount to very little when I look at the world. Nothing I have said or done, or will in the future, will have great impact on the world as a whole. In fact, I scarcely believe I have made a lasting impression anywhere. While I have had influence in lives, leadership and situations.....there is little lasting effect. Why? Because I am just a common, ordinary man who has little or no ability to do great things. Simply put, I am not that good at any one thing. 

This sounds very self defeating. But in reality, it is liberating. This brings freedom to know and believe that I can’t mess things up so badly it will create world chaos! It means that I can’t do something in my life so egregious that recovery is impossible. It means that I am not going to mess up the lives of everyone around me. It means I don’t have to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. 

What this does....It causes me to lean into Christ. He is the one who will do great things. He is the one who will leave lasting impact. He is the one who will create greatness in the world I see. If I simply stop making life about me, and making life about Him.....GREATER things will happen. If I constantly am reminded of this, shifting my perspective and being humble...I will have the honor of seeing God to great things in my life and around my life.