Church Planters Beware!

The truth is... I thought this church planting gig would be far easier. 

I had a plan, a strategy and a prospectus.... I would say "I know it's tough". But, the truth is my pride and arrogance got in the way of being honest about the reality of how hard it really is.

Add to that, I am called to one of the hardest urban areas in the United States. I know people say things like that often. But Austin, Denver and San Francisco have some of the highest church plant failure statistics in the nation. I thought I could beat the statistics and I could prove them wrong. But.... they are true.... and if I am going to succeed it means I must be honest. 

The truth is... This has been so hard it hurts! Planting Uncommon has been far tougher than I could have ever imagined. And, it has cast more than I ever thought. But in the end it is worth it! I have watched multiple plants fold in the last 15 months since moving to Austin. But, maybe due to my stubbornness, I have refused to be one of the statistics. I've even had reasons to become one! But...I refuse to let what God put in my heart die.

That means I must fight harder, work harder, give more, sacrifice more, serve more, learn more, admit more, care more, love more, be more humble and just plain give up! The reality is that I have to give up. I have to give up my plans, my ideas, my dreams and my aspirations.... I had to give them up and chase after God's plans, dreams and ideas! Why??? Mine are worthless and only matter in the short term. God's plans matter in the long term.... forever!

So, Church Planters Beware. No matter your city, your story, your situation and more. No model, no plan, no idea, no dream can build your church. No prospectus ever changed the world.... Only God and His grace can make a difference. Instead of focusing on a great plan, a great strategy or model..... GET ON YOUR KNEES AND BEG GOD TO HAVE GRACE ON YOU AND THE CITY YOU ARE CALLED TO! Then, and only then will something truly great happen!

Success doesn't come with a plan or idea... It comes with NEVER GIVING UP! 

This week I saw our church double.... This week I baptized some great folks.... This week I saw God at work like never before!