Reality Check

I truly believe that most of us, myself included, are terrified that we may be exposed. We are sacred the world around us might see all of the things that God sees in us and knows about us! It is a paralyzing fear for most. We know how messy, dirty, broken and screwed up we really are. 

The saddest part of this is that we can ALL readily admit this is true about ourselves. But, unfortunately we remain unwilling to be exposed. We refuse to allow our pride and ego to find it’s rightful place; being sacrificed on the cross where Jesus came to put it to rest! The cross exposes, it always has, the messiest and most broken places in our lives. 

So, why is this the case? I believe it is because as Christians we are quick to say that God is in control and we want Him to be. But we keep our hands on some portion of life just incase God fails at being in control! It’s as if we don’t fully trust or believe that God can do all that He has promised. 

Christians are quick to talk a lot about having a deeper walk with Jesus. We certainly love to share our amazing testimonies of how one or more broken areas of our lives have been rescued by the cross. All the while we keep rescuing a portion of our lives from the cross, the portion we want to keep controlling. No matter how big or small that portion may be.... I believe it’s that the very part of our lives that is the very seat of our spiritual discontent and struggle. I believe it is the very thing that damages our freedom. (Gal 5:13)

No one wants to be fully exposed, or to give up control. Not until we come to the place where we are desperate for the GREATER THINGS (John 14:12) that God has promised. Not until we are hungry to fulfill the higher purpose that God created us to accomplish. Not until we realize that this life is all about Jesus and His glory.... and simply not about us! Then and only then are we willing to be exposed and set free!

Until then our hearts and lives are simply a wreck. I would challenge you, because I have to challenge myself daily, to look at your life. What area of your life are you rescuing? Where do you need to be exposed? What portion of your life needs to be crucified so you can chase after God’s best?