Are You The Church?

As leaders we need to stop and take a realistic look at our selves. Today I want to challenge leaders, staff and volunteers in churches every where to consider something.

To set it up we need to agree on one thing. I believe that God called people to "be the church". The bride of Christ is the church. And, I am sure that God intended His bride to be people and not some building or organization. The Sad reality is that we have reduced the church, the bride, to a mere building, location, organization or movement. And we have far to often forgotten that we are chosen as the bride.... Real people! Real people who are The Church. Agreed?!?!? Good...

So here is the challenge......consider this a mirror for yourself....what do you see?

When your are the church, your schedule is recreated to fit. But, when church is something you do, your schedule is manipulated to fit.

So.... Are you the church or is it something you do?