Uncommon Needs You!!! (UPDATED)

So we have some BIG NEWS…. and a BIG prayer request for you guys.

Yesterday afternoon we received a call from the Austin Independent School District's main director. Although we had applied, been approved and paid our dues for The Great Porn Debate on the 19th…. They have decided they do not want to host the event at Baker School or any Austin area school facility. This is not a great call to get 2 weeks before a MAJOR event, but there is nothing we can do. This was a HUGE blow initially…. we have invested lots of time, money and energy into making sure everything for this event was perfect. 

As of Friday, 15 days from the event, we had NO VENUE. But, I also know, and have learned, that God works for bigger things, things we cannot see. I began seeking every connection, leaders and friend I have made in our city in the last 2 years. So very many people, outside of Uncommon, and folks who aren't followers of Jesus, jumped in to help. I am humbled by the group that has banded together to help Uncommon Church.

As of today, we have been APPROVED for The Paramount Theatre in downtown Austin. This is HUGE… This venue is almost always booked, and tough to secure. But, we have been able to get our name & our date!!!! The cost is HIGH… But how can we put a price tag on reaching people in Austin with the the grace, love and hope of Jesus!?!? We can't! There is no doubt God has opened the door for us to do something incredible. The theatre seats 1283 people!!! So… Here is what I am asking as your Pastor….

A. Start praying right now that God lines up the final details so that we can 100% secure the venue on Monday!

B. Start praying today, and DO NOT STOP until the 19th, that God will fill every single seat in that theatre! 

C. Start praying that God opens HUGE doors for us to let our city know on a larger scale that this event is happening!!!

D. Share www.uncommonporndebate.com EVERYWHERE you can!

E. PLEASE pray about and consider giving a special financial gift to make sure we cover all of our costs for the new venue, changes in advertising and resources to serve over 1200 people!!! This curve ball has cost us over $6500 total... and we have raised about $4000 since yesterday! WE REACHED OUR GOAL TODAY!!!!! You can give and be part of this story by CLICKING HERE...

Guys, only God can open doors this BIG for a baby church. If you would have told me that for our 1st year anniversary we would host a HUGE event in one of our city's best & biggest venues... I would have never believed it! This is God's Church, NOT ours! And, I believe that He has greater plans than any of us can imagine. Let's stand together and believe God for GREATER THINGS… for CHANGED LIVES and something truly UNCOMMON to happen on October 19th in the city of Austin, Texas!

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