Great News!!!

 By now I am sure that you have heard we have officially been approved to host our Porn Debate event at The Paramount Theatre in downtown Austin!!! This is a HUGE move of God! I am in awe that only 1 year after we launched as a church we have the honor and opportunity to host a City-wide event at one of our city's best, and most loved venues! This is not something we should take lightly....This is something we should CELEBRATE!!!! 

As promised, I told you I would email you each day to remind you to pray, invite and (as my friends Casey Graham & Joe Sangl say....) GET FIRED UP!!!

Here are a few things I want to share with you today...

1. While we had BIG plans for our event, God has BIGGER plans. Ephesians 3:20-21 says that God can do more than we ask or imagine! I've had a wild imagination about this event.... but God is blowing me away! Would you pray that God would show that to be true in your life.... and that we would see that at Uncommon in ways that absolutely BLOW US AWAY? Let's be praying for this together... and expecting God for HUGE life change in Austin. 

2. Will you take some time to let everyone you can know about our event. We have an opportunity to fill 1273 seats in one of our city's best venues. This is going to be awesome. Invite someone to come with you.... Send them a link to our invite site by clicking here... And, invest in someone that you care about, so that they can experience Uncommon and HOPE!

3. Would you also take some time today to submit story tips, community calendar submissions and more to every media outlet, tv station, radio stations, community organization and public place you can think of. Let's FLOOD our city with this event! This is too good of an event not to let people know! All you have to do is go to their website and click the contact us tab... and you will find a "submit a news tip/story" link on almost every website! It's one simple way all of you can invest in letting our city know!

Thanks for being a GREAT church. I am excited about what is ahead. I am praying that God fills every seat in that Theatre and that people find Jesus as a result of our event! 

Have a great Tuesday!

Pastor Michael