Gratitude Day 12

Gratitude is REALISTIC!

Don't misunderstand all of this gratitude talk. Incorporating gratitude into our lives is not about walking around with a cheesy grin on our face, denying the heartaches or injustices of life. We don't have to sacrifice reality to be grateful. We simply need to adopt a gratitude focus that affects every moment of each day (Ephesians 5:20).

Like everything else in life that's meaningful, practicing gratefulness takes work. For some who have a habit of focusing on the negative, it may take a lot of effort to change their tune. But everyone is capable of being thankful. And when we live it out, we are showing the world that our awesome God is worthy of all our praise and thanks (Psalm 75:1). He is glorified and others are blessed by our gratitude attitude.

Give gratitude a shot. It will change how you view God, others, and yourself.