Gratitude Day 21

“The very joyful thing about seeing ourselves and life from a place of gratitude instead of entitlement— is that this way of breathing allows us to be forgiving of difficult circumstances in life and of those people who delivered such difficult circumstances to us. Gratitude allows us second chances at joy; not with the same circumstances or those same people; but it alleviates the burden of bitterness that comes with not receiving what one believes he/she was entitled to have. We can instead look forward into life and see that there will be many good things and we will be grateful for them.”

~ C. Joybell C

This is a REAL truth that can be HARD to swallow. Gratitude is the antidote for Entitlement. True gratitude allows us to be free from bitterness and unforgiveness. One of the best ways to discover TRUE gratitude in your life is to offer forgiveness to someone. It will set your spirit free, and release you from a burden that you carry. And, it will give you eyes to be grateful that God has mercy and forgiveness for you. That is something to be grateful for!

Today it's time to practice this form of gratitude by offering forgiveness. It can be one of the best gifts you give someone during the Holiday season. For each of us, the process will be different. For some of us we need to make a phone call. Others may need to send an email. While a simple text may do for others. And, even better, we need to face that person and verbally tell them we forgive them. But, none of this from a "have to" attitude, but from a "get to" attitude.

I promise this will change your life, your world and open your eyes to a new level of gratitude.