Change is a key factor in innovation, ministry and leadership. You have to be willing to change and work with change. As leaders we have one of five attitudes towards change. And, we work with people who have one of these same views about change. It is very important we have self awareness about our view of change, and that we understand the views other people have about change. So what are these view on change? Here they are.....

The clerk of Abbington Presbytery, outside of Philadelphia, approximately 100 years ago gave these 5 kinds of attitudes about change:

1. Early innovators (2.6%), run with new ideas

2. Early adaptors (13.4%), influenced by (1) but not initiators

3. Slow Majority (34%), the herd-followers

4. Reluctant Majority (34%)

5. Antagonistic (16%), they will never change

The majority of leaders are bombarded by the last group. The danger is focusing on the minority opinion. Yet another danger is ignoring the other views altogether. As leaders we need to embrace change, understand change and work with change. Change can be our greatest asset if we are willing, able and ready to utilize it as we lead others.