LGBT & Jesus

So, i may be at risk of starting a crazy conversation here...but I feel like this is a subject worth discussing. In fact, my intention today is to write very little, and expect lots of response! I am asking everyone to be seasoned with grace and love in their responses. So here it goes.........

I have a question and I am curious of your answers.

  • Can you be gay/lesbian and be a Christian?

I obviously can't ask for your answers without offering my own. I do believe that you can be gay/lesbian and be a Christian. I don't believe that one sin over another keeps you from being a Christian. I know that I have told lies, struggled with lust, I fought greed, I have even over eaten.... but somehow no one ever accused me of not being a Christian. However, if I were gay that would likely be said or assumed!

Now, I personally believe that being gay/lesbian is outside of God's design for our lives. Yet, I don't believe it is an automatic ticket to Hell. I also strongly believe that it is not a reason for the church to shun or exclude people. We are ALL broken, messy and in need of Jesus no matter our sexuality or situation. I believe God's grace is sufficient for ALL. And, I believe that it comes down to our understanding that without Jesus we are destined for Hell. That without Jesus we are never complete or whole. It's in believing that we are saved. I also believe that once we truly encounter Jesus, something must change..... People who truly believe the Gospel story are changed... but that doesn't always mean we will completely overcome our behaviors and choices. It means our heart changes. God cares more about our hearts than anything else. The truth lies in the condition of the heart... Do I want to be who or what I want, or who God created me to be? The answer to that question is what matters most! It is never about us, it is about God. 

Bottom line...... Jesus loves ALL of us gay and straight! 

So... now that I have your attention.... What do you think?????


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