If you have read my blog before you know well that my family has adopted, and is adopting. We strongly believe in the miracle of adoption and the plan God has behind it. More than anything, we believe it is one of the greatest examples of how God loves us as His adopted kids.

But, there is a sad, tough and harsh reality about adoption... especially international adoption. International Adoption has become much more expensive, much more difficult and for some really great families... nearly impossible. Why??? Laws, regulations, policy and government issues. The results have left MILLIONS of children in horrible situations. In fact, for many of the kids who are waiting, the time, cost and process is the difference between life and death! Kids all over the world are failing to thrive, literally they cannot develop and live well, because they lack families and love.

I can speak to this from personal experience. Our first adoption from Ethiopia went quick & smooth. But, we have a daughter in Haiti, Karis, waiting to come home. She has been waiting since she was 12 days old. That is when we were matched and started our process. We got to meet her when she was just weeks old... and now at the age of 2, she is still waiting! She is in need of a family, love and some potential therapy to overcome developmental delays. She walked later than the average child, has struggled through issues with her legs and more. These are things that would not be an issue were she in a normal, healthy, family environment. Yes, Karis is in a safe, clean and caring orphanage.... But her family is not there.... We are here and ready for her to come home. Karis is STUCK!

The reality is that few things happen unless we are physically in Haiti. But, the costs are prohibitive, the process overwhelming and the paperwork daunting. It is hard to create the money, the time and, in honesty, the endurance to push through. Karis is STUCK.... And she is not alone! Our story is not unique... it is normal! And that is a sad reality. There are thousands of families walking through the same thing.... and it is painful, maddening and tough!

I want to ask you to take some time today, or this week, to watch STUCK. Make the investment to watch this movie. It will change you... It will impact you greatly. By investing in it, you can become part of the solution to this problem. You can be part of helping kids get UN-STUCK!