How The World Sees God

DISCLAIMER: This video is great... but does contain STRONG LANGUAGE. Be warned! If you are offended easily, this post is not for you! You have now been if you read on and watch... Do not be upset with me if you get offended. 

The reality is that sometimes we, by we I mean Christians, forget how the world views God. We forget that they are either not interested, or totally misunderstand the God we believe in. We need to be reminded of that on occasion. If we intend on helping them understand God, we should spend a little time trying to understand their perspective. We try to make God much more complicated than He really is... He is simply the creator and is interested in having a relationship with us! 

To me the profound thing that this video does express is this... God is interested in interacting in our lives... NO MATTER who we are, what we believe and what our story really is.... 

I believe you will enjoy this video... but again..... VIEWER BEWARE!